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Creative Soul – DJ Duffy (Victor Aguilar, Jr.)

DJ Duffy a his last gig.

This month's blog features Creative Soul – DJ Duffy aka Victor Aguilar, Jr. He is from Grand Rapids, Michigan and tells LWC that he wouldn't want to be anywhere else. “I work hard, live and breathe music. Seeing smiles and people having a good time by what I am doing is the drive to keep playing music. Most importantly to me is... IT IS FUN!!!” – Victor Aguilar, Jr.

Becoming DJ Duffy

Although Victor is new to the DJ biz, he is well versed in the world of music. He says that he has always loved music, and has played in local bands for about 3 years. DJ’ing kinda snuck up on him as he described, “I played some music off my laptop at a cancer benefit, and it just took off. I had no intentions of starting this business, but it was calling and I hit the ground running.”

"That guy" you want

Short term goals for DJ Duffy include bigger lights, more lighting effects, and higher end equipment. He believes in what he does and having top notch equipment is the way to go for him. In the long term he does say, “I would love to be "that guy" that you recommend to your friends and family for your events.” LWC feels that DJ Duffy may very well be “that guy” with or with out bigger lights ; )

Passion not business

DJ Duffy doesn’t think of music as his “business” because it is his passion. So where can you find him for your next event? To get in touch with DJ Duffy, email (, or find him on Facebook and he does get out and to different venues to self promote myself. DJ Duffy says, “I believe in the old school method of being face to face and getting to know who I work with so they know me as well."

Take pride in your passion

DJ Duffy’s advice to anyone entering or thinking about being apart of the music biz is to have passion, take pride in whatever you're doing, and most of all stand behind your word. Like he mentioned earlier, “I am old school and believe a man's word is his bond.”

Creative Vision

The last thing LWC readers would like to know is how does creativity play a role being successful? Creativity plays a big roll with me, because if you don’t have creative vision to step out of your comfort zone you will always stay where you are. All dreams start with a vision. So as my sister always tells me, "Reach for them stars and chase those dreams." You have to work hard if you want to live the dream. – DJ Duffy (Victor Aguilar, Jr.)

For inspired designs please click here or go to “WITH THE DJ” page. Thanks for reading Creative Soul – a Loveword Creative production.

Inspired Design "I'm with the DJ"

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