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After doing a few post on some creative types, I decided to give LWC readers some insight on the experiences I've had with interviewing and talking to people 😮!

SCARY... Oh no, not People!

I know, I know people can be scary, but when you get started, it's actually not that bad. Not that I'm really scared of folks, it's just that I have always felt that I didn't have time nor did I want to bother others. With much continued soul searching and trying to find my creative self again, I have made some very necessary improvements in opening my mouth and asking questions. I know how all of my kindred introverts feel about being social. It's time consuming, tiring, troublesome, and quite possibly scary. Believe me, after you do start to inquire on what makes people tic, it becomes easier with each conversation. My advice to all is simple... just ask! Ask and engage those people you find interesting, it's a great way to meet other creative souls that could end up being a beneficial contact for you or someone you know.



September is a great month for creative types to become inspired in Grand Rapids, MI. Due to ARTPRIZE (the biggest art competition in the world) there are endless instillations, paintings, sculptures, and exhibits to experience in various in/outdoor venues across the city. I did take some time out to view several locations, with sooo much to experience, I have never been able to see it all. The piece above was displayed in the Grand Rapids Art Museum. The theme being "Past, Present, Future" many of the pieces housed at the Grand Rapids Art Museum captured this sentiment beautifully!


There are plenty of volunteer opportunities at this time as well. I chose the UICA for my first Artprize volunteering experience. The UICA, another Artprize venue and year round home for contemporary arts, is dedicated to showcasing innovative artist. Another creative community, I am excited to recently become a member of, is Avenue for the Arts. Located in Grand Rapids' Heartside District, Avenue for the Arts is working to shape change in the neighborhood through various projects and events. Writers looking for inspiration should start at your local library, makes sense huh? In the past year I have attended two writer's conferences hosted by Kent District Library. Each time there was many new things to learn, especially if you are looking to write a book. Experienced authors, publishers, and editors gave the attendees plenty of valuable information. You will definitely be able to find writing groups by simply asking your local library.


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